Why Your Therapist Wants You to go to the Doctor!

So I had a physical last week. Just my annual check up; you know, the one that is free because it is preventative care?! Well, my doctor saw something that I have never seen and now I have to get an ultrasound on my neck. But that’s not the point. The point is that there are a ton of medical issues that look like mental health issues. Did you know that a slow thyroid can look like depression? Lethargic, weight gain, poor sleep, all things that are part of depression. A simple blood test from your doctor can determine if the thyroid is to blame or not, and if so, a tiny little pill everyday gets it back in check.
Look, we cannot separate our mental from our physical. When you are emotionally exhausted, guess what, it takes a toll on your physically too! If you are battling something emotionally or mentally, make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. You have to take care of yourself physically too. Make sense? Ok, now, go to the doctor for a check up!

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