How is Well Counseling “Reopening?”

Even though we are considered essential and were able to be open this whole time, we moved to almost completely online over the last several months. But many of you have asked if/when we are reopening to in person sessions, so I wanted to address this quickly! 1. we are staggering sessions to give more time in between so we can clean. 2. we are wiping down anything that is touched by the client or myself and spraying down the soft surfaces. 3. this eliminates the waiting room because there is space between sessions, so social distancing is taken care of. 4. the couch and the chair are 6 feet apart to facilitate distancing in the room. 5. you are welcome to wear a mask if you want to, but are not require to since we are doing the above steps. 6. no more self-serve coffee/tea. I can get you a drink if you would like, after washing my hands of course. 7. we can still do video if this makes you more comfortable. This is always an option, no matter what. 8. Be reassured that when I went to Texas recently, I did wear my mask in public at all times except at one restaurant where there was social distancing and the staff wore masks. I absolutely wore it on the plane and in the airports. Everyone’s safety is my upmost concern. I just want to be transparent about what to expect when you come back in for a session! Please let me know if you have any other questions and I can’t wait to see you soon 🙂 SHOW LESS

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