A New Resource for My Clients

I have joined with Right Now Media to help bring you more resources at your fingertips. I know that seeing your counseling for an hour a week, or month, just isn’t enough sometimes. And some of would like to read more books, or watch more videos or do more studies, so this is for you! Once you set up a FREE account through my link, you will have access to over 20,000 videos, books and studies to help you though most areas of life: marriage, parenting, faith, business, etc.

This is a service I am paying for so that it is free for you. I even have a page of recommended items. My disclaimer is that I may not agree 100% with something on the site, but the people I have recommended on my page, I have read at least some of their work and have enjoyed it.

My prayer is that this would be another helpful tool for you. Please give it a look and give me any feedback you may have. *Note: this is different than the regular RightNow Media site that churches often offer. This has a business aspect added to it.

Let me know if you have questions. Send me an email if you want an email link, or I will have some flyers out at the office with a QR code.

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