Renegotiating the Contract: How to Communicate Around Parenting Adjustments During Covid19

If you are like us, I am at home with kids and trying to make sure they get their work done while still working from home, and my husband still has to leave every day to go to work (essential worker). We found ourselves butting heads when it came to discipling the kids sometimes because I have had to change how we did certain things at home, yet I forgot to communicate that with him! So in this video, we talk about how to “renegotiate the contract” and communicate about change that have been made or may have to be made so that everyone is on the same page. This is also a technique that is used when a deployed parent comes home from being on orders, or when a parent has to travel a lot for their work. It is important to do throughout the marriage and can be done regarding any topic, not just parenting and discipline. If you or anyone you know needs help, please reach out. We are here for you.

Choose Joy!

I got a new shirt that says “We Choose Joy” and I am so excited about it! And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Today, especially, I had to choose joy. Today was hard. It was the first day back after a long weekend around Easter. It was also a reminder that we didn’t get to have our Spring Break when we got to go out of town. Both kids were crying within 10 minutes of starting school today. But I still chose JOY! I also talk about a book (which is probably out of publication) called Happiness is a Choice by Dr. Frank Minirth and Dr. Paul Meier. It is really about joy, but the point is that it is a choice. It is about our perspective. What is your perspective? How can you find joy today?

Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In this video, I walk you through a relaxation technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It is a process where you tighten and flex your muscle and then relax it. This works because most of the time, we do not realize that our muscles are tight and not relaxed. It also incorporates breathing. This exercise can help you relax and regroup. I personally use this technique if I am having a hard time falling asleep. In this clip, we do a sample of just hands and arms and face, but you can use these techniques for each muscle group. I usually start at my toes and work my way up to the top of my head and then repeat if I need to do so. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me! Be Well.

Guided Deep Breathing Exercise

This is a somewhat brief script to help you take some deep breaths to aid you in relaxing, getting enough oxygen to your brain and slowing down your mind and body. This is an adapted script from SAMHSA Anger Management workbook. I like it because it helps you just remember to breathe in and out, slowly. Did you know that we often are not getting enough oxygen to our body because we are breathing very shallow, almost panic like! It is very important to take full breaths for several reasons. Also, make sure you are breathing out fully. I hope this guided breathing helps you slow down and breathe fully. Use it when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, or even if you just need to regroup. Feel free to use this recording to help you until you can do it on your own. Happy Breathing!

It’s a New Month, How are You Doing?

We are two months into a new year and a new decade. How are you doing? How are you doing with the goals and resolutions you made in January? Have you hit a bump in the road? Has something thrown you off course? Me too! But I want to encourage you to not give up. Don’t stop. It’s ok to pick back up, get back on the horse. Don’t beat yourself up, life happens. Today is a new day, a new week and a new month. Start again, start fresh, start today!

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