Services & Pricing

Our in person and video sessions are both 55 minutes. Additional time is added in 30 minute increments.

Chat and email services are billed in 15 minute increments.

Marriage Intensives are 4.5 hours long.

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Sydney Lucas’ rates are as follows:

$100 for individuals

$100 for couples or family

$500 for Marriage Intensives: 2 joint and 2 individual sessions, plus supplemental work, in one sitting

$25 for each 15 minutes of chat/email

$50 for a 30 minute add on: in person or virtual session (85 min total session)

*Ask about our discount for Veterans or SMs/spouses

**Pre-Licensed (Those who have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and are working on their hours for licensure completion.  They are all supervised by Sydney Lucas, MA, LPC)

$50 a session – in person or virtual, PA only

**Student Intern (Those who are in their Master’s program, about to graduate. They are supervised by their professor and onsite by Sydney Lucas, MA, LPC)

$25 a session, in PA only

Sydney has a passion for teaching and growing others in the field. We consider Well Counseling & Consulting PLLC, to be a teaching center. This allows students and pre-licensed individuals to have a good place to learn as well as offering a discount to those who may not be able to afford a higher rate.

**When available. Call to confirm if you are interested in this level of counseling.

As of January 1, 2022 the No Surprises Act requires us to give you a Good Faith Estimate before beginning services, and as services are updated. Since no one can guarantee that treatment will be completed in a certain number of sessions, we will be giving estimates for the entire year (50 sessions), to cover all possibilities. These written estimates will be uploaded into your portal so you can download or print, as needed. We want you to be able to prepare for the worst case scenario, financially, and hope for the best, all around! Please ask us questions as we talk about this. We are here for you!

For more information of the No Surprises Act and Good Faith Estimate, please visit

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